City Economic Development Leaders Pursue Employer Input

Beginning in September, the Lang Administration and the New Bedford Economic Development Council are embarking on an ambitious series of meetings to share ideas and receive feedback from more than 60 of the city’s employers.
“As Mayor of the City of New Bedford, I have met with dozens of local employers, and would like to continue to dedicate time to interacting with the business community, learning their ideas and setbacks and sharing New Bedford’s objectives and plans regarding economic development. I look forward to sharing information about available resources and learning about business needs with which the city can assist,” Mayor Scott W. Lang stated.
“To keep sustainable economic development going, you need a broad-based approach and understanding throughout the business community,” said Matthew Morrissey, executive director of the New Bedford Economic Development Council. “We also understand that there are always pressures that face businesses and we want to know what we can do to help.”
Tony Sapienza, president of the Council and president of Joseph Abboud Manufacturing, which is one of the largest employers in the city, stated in a recent letter to employers:
Over the last year and a half, the Scott W. Lang Administration has undertaken an ambitious agenda and moved to align the City of New Bedford’s resources, attempting to build a better climate for living and working in the City. While sustainable progress takes time, already there are gains in the areas of economic development, public safety, education, and neighborhood issues.
Specifically, the City’s crime rate is down in nearly every category. The drop out rate has been reduced for the first time in 10 years. The number of permit applications and awards are at an historic high, and we are aggressively pursuing new job creation opportunities in the emerging sectors of alternative energy, life sciences, marine science and technology, medical devices, and bio-technology. The City has taken over $5 million in tax title and debilitated property. Development in the city is occurring at a rate not seen before, and there is more contiguous planning than in memory.
While progress in these areas is critical, the Lang Administration and the NBEDC feel that it is the continued success of our current employers that is most important. We must make every effort to retain the city’s outstanding employers like Smith Enterprises.
We are seeking your help, and hope in turn to find ways the City can better support your business needs. We want to ensure the future success of Smith Enterprises as we continue to shape the City’s economic development agenda.
My wish is that you will find an hour to join me, Mayor Lang or NBEDC Executive Director Matthew Morrissey for a brief conversation about how the City of New Bedford can better respond to your company’s needs.
Ms. Deidre Jarvis will follow up this letter with a call to schedule a time most convenient for you.
Anthony Sapienza
President, NBEDC Board of Directors
President, Joseph Abboud Manufacturing
If you are an employer and you would like to share your thoughts about how we might help you sustain and build your business, please call Deirdre Jarvis at 508.991.3122 to set up an appointment.

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