City's Photovoltaic Production to Ramp Up

By Jennifer Lade
Konarka – New Bedford, Mass. manufacturing facility (
Production continues to ramp up at Konarka’s New Bedford facility, where the company’s revolutionary Power Plastic – a lightweight, flexible solar material that converts light to electricity – was recently installed on the south and east walls of the building.
This accomplishment was the largest organic photovoltaic installation of its kind and the first semi-transparent building integrated installation, according to a press release.
The building will act as an example of the product’s functions, from its versatile use on both existing windows and new solar windows to its ease of installation and ability to harvest energy from more than the south-facing wall.
Power Plastic not only produces clean energy, but the product itself is designed to keep its environmental impact to a minimum.
“Organic PV is much less energy intensive to manufacture compared with crystalline silicon,” Howard Berke, chairman, CEO and co-founder of Lowell-based Konarka said in a statement.
“Konarka’s transparent photovoltaic film is ideal for glass curtain walls because of its superior low light sensitivity, thermal performance, light weight and performance over a wide range of sunlight angle of incidence.”
June 24, 2011 3:02 PM
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