Keep America Beautiful Speaker Featured at Operation Clean Sweep Community Meeting

A community meeting of Operation Clean Sweep on June 19 from 2-4 at the Corson Maritime Learning Center will feature remarks by April Buther, Director of Affiliate Services for Keep America Beautiful.
Operation Clean Sweep, an all volunteer anti-litter campaign, was formed in early 2006 as a result of citizen concern for the amount of trash and litter throughout New Bedford. Not only is the committee active in the beautification of the city, it has a long lasting economic impact. Key to developing the economy of the city through job creation and retention is the city’s ability to attract or keep companies in New Bedford. These companies highly value quality life. Operation Clean Sweep works to improve the quality of life through direct action of cleaning up, education and advocating for law enforcement.
“It is an honor for Operation Clean Sweep and the City of New Bedford to have Ms. Buther as the guest speaker at our Community Meeting,” says Lynn Coish, Chair of Operation Clean Sweep. “We are looking forward to updating her on the progress we are making in cleaning up our neighborhoods and hearing her ideas on new steps we can take to accomplish our goals of alleviating the litter thrown on city streets.” Ms. Coish encourages everyone interested in enhancing the city’s quality of life – including community leaders, city officials, environmental advocates, concerned citizens, business leaders and teachers – to join this community event.
With passion and enthusiasm the committee has succeeded in organizing a series of cleanups throughout the city with the help of hundreds of civic minded volunteers and community service groups. City employees volunteer their time and with the help and support of city resources, Operation Clean Sweep has been able to clean up over 34 tons of trash and litter from the neighborhoods of New Bedford since its inception. Volunteers are needed for the next clean up on June 21st in Ward 3 from 8 until Noon. Headquarters will be located at the Hayden McFadden School.
Education is a key component of Operation Clean Sweep. By creating awareness through classroom presentations, members of the committee have reached out to over 1300 students in New Bedford. They ask students to think about their trash and how to dispose of it properly.  They encourage everyone to recycle and NOT Litter.
Advocating for enforcement of litter laws is another important part of Operation Clean Sweep.  Because of this awareness raising anti – litter campaign, city officials have heard the people of New Bedford and are working to improve the enforcement structure with regard to litter and improper disposal of trash.
Established in 1953, Keep America Beautiful, Inc. is the nation’s largest volunteer-based community action and education organization. With a network of nearly 1,000 affiliate and participating organizations, Keep America Beautiful forms public-private partnerships and programs that engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments.
Operation Clean Sweep is still in its infancy and has much work to do.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved. The committee hopes to instill a mindset that will help create a cleaner, safer environment for generations.
The Community Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 19, 2008, from 2-4 pm on the 3rd floor of the newly refurbished and reopened Corson Maritime Learning Center, 33 William Street, New Bedford.
Visit or call 508.979.1493 for more information.

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