Lending and investing help spark a resurgence in New Bedford Bank of America video

Mayor Scott Lang and small business owners describe the impact of Bank of America’s loans and grants on this New England fishing port, including the revival of the downtown historic district in this video produced and distributed by Bank of America.


Transcript of video

V/O (Mayor Scott W. Lang): I’ve been in New Bedford now for 32 years and the growth that we see right now, the positive energy that we see right now, really is something that I haven’t witnessed in those four decades.

V/O (Jeffrey Costa, owner, New Bedford Antiques Center): We’ve been established in New Bedford for about 20 years now.

V/O (Jeffrey Costa): The upswell in the last five years has just been unbelievable. I mean with the downtown resurgence and all the new stores and restaurants and museums, this is a great little city to live in.

V/O (Elissa Paquette, owner, Calico): Our business is doing great.

V/O (Elissa Paquette): We’ve been in business almost five years now and we’ve definitely seen a lot of new businesses open up around us, a lot of new people moving in, a lot of young people and artists.

V/O (Mayor Scott W. Lang): I think the key to growing an urban area is having vitality, having healthy neighborhoods. Bank of America is really investing in our city, helping us double the size of the military museum. We’ve opened 36 new businesses downtown and they are giving a three year commitment to three middle schools and three grammar schools. This program will keep kids off the street. They will be tutored, they’ll get better grades. This is a life changer, a generation changer.

V/O (Jeffrey Costa): Block by block I do see our city changing for the better.

V/O (Mayor Scott W. Lang): What’s happened is Bank of America’s investments in the people of New Bedford have helped bring back the pride and respect that New Bedford needs to have in order to move forward. That’s a tremendous accomplishment. I feel very, very good about that.

Superimposed: Bank of America is committed to helping create culturally and economically vibrant communities in Massachusetts. It’s one of the many ways we’re helping set opportunity in motion.

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