Teledyne Chooses New Bedford for Nuclear Users Conference…AGAIN

For the second year, the City of New Bedford was the first choice for the annual Quiklook Users Group Meeting hosted by Teledyne Instruments Test Services, a Marion company with New Bedford roots.
According to general manager Roger Masson, the event was a great success. “When last year’s participants were so impressed by the city’s hospitality and the quality dinner we enjoyed at the Whaling Museum, we looked for yet another way to treat them to a New Bedford experience. We came up with a clambake served inside Fort Taber. What better way to give our visitors from all over the country an introduction to New England.”
After their conference sessions in Marion on August 15, 32 participants and several Teledyne staff visited the Military Museum and then boarded the Union Street Trolley for a one hour guided tour of the city. Participants remarked the tour gave them a good sense of the history and diversity of New Bedford.
Under a tent inside the granite walls of the fort, NBEDC President Anthony Sapienza welcomed the group, thanking them for their interest in New Bedford, and explained the basic role of the Council is to help create and retain jobs, and that a renewed mission is driving a specific strategic economic development agenda. “We feel the responsibility for the future of this city rests with its citizens, especially those in business, education and in community leadership roles,” Mr. Sapienza told the company’s test services business unit, a group of engineers and managers.
Having invited the group back for their second annual gathering, Mayor Lang greeted the group and said he was pleased to see they decided to return. The Mayor extolled the virtues of the city and doing business in the city.
“Interest in the city by companies like Teledyne Instruments shows an appreciation for what this city has to offer, not only this beautiful and historic setting here at the end of the peninsula jutting into Buzzards Bay, but to our legacy as a leader in technology.” The mayor outlined areas of progress he sees as indicators for economic development within the strategic goals he and his administration have set. The mayor told the group he hopes to see them next year.
With a lineage dating back to the 1930s, this unit of Teledyne Instruments has a reputation for high-quality, cost-effective products and technical support services. With almost 50 years of experience, the company has provided equipment and analytical services for use in hostile environments, including temperatures greater than 550oC and ocean depths of 7 kilometers. In addition to products, Test Services provides engineering services for field testing and on-site installation as well as consultation on stress/strain-related projects.
Matthew Morrissey, Executive Director of the NBEDC said, “In Teledyne’s case, they have made hundreds of millions of dollars in acquisitions in Marine Science companies, and events like these provide us opportunities to share with them our substantial Marine Science infrastructure and about locating their Marine Science units here, or investing in some of our smaller Marine Science startups. It all begins with a conversation.”
“The 32 participants represent a wide range of US geography from New Hampshire to Iowa to Georgia to New Jersey,” said NBEDC executive director Matthew A. Morrissey. “Once a part of Rodney Metals in New Bedford, Teledyne’s history links them to the city and their continued connection has brought an ever-widening population who have come to know more about the excellent quality of life we have to offer.”
September 24, 2007

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