“I’m just so proud of New Bedford. It’s a recognition richly and well deserved.”
Lee Heald, AHA Program Director, reflecting on city being recognized as The Most Creative Community in the state by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

“With this project we have the potential to add one thousand or more jobs, and that is a game-changer for the local economy, not just for the residents of New Bedford but for communities throughout the area.”
Chris Markey, State Representative, proposed park in district

“I think there’s tremendous opportunity in the city! It was really a great presentation.”
Richard Relich, Arch Street Development

“New Bedford has always been at the center of our strategy for building out this industry.”
Jeff Grybowski, CEO Deepwater Wind

“You can never make a second first impression. You get one shot at it. I like that we’re starting out with the exterior first.”
Kerry Winterson, Ward 5 City Councillor

“We really made a commitment to invest again in New Bedford. Our hotel
is going to focus on the historic and artistic themes of New Bedford.”
Dr. Shaiwee Yang, Manager of New Bedford Urban Renaissance 11, LLC.

“The NBEDC has helped me out a lot with Hippo. I had help negotiating our lease and was able to get a micro-loan to assist with getting furniture and product. They are accessible and have made complicated business decisions easier to make.”
Shelley Cardoos, Owner of Hippo and Craft-o-Rama

“The knowledge and support from EforAll has really helped my small business, People’s Pressed, go from dream to reality. I’m forever grateful for the mentorship, education, friendship and support as I become a part of the downtown community at WHALE’s redevelopment project on Union Street.”
Amanda Desrosiers, Owner/Founder, People’s Pressed

“We are all committed to this area. We are making history here!”
Jessica Coelho, Owner, Tia Maria’s European Cafe’

“New Bedford is clearly building a future around entrepreneurship. And it’s exciting to see the collaboration here, the partnership. The idea that small businesses are not in competition with each other, they’re helping each other. Because when one does better, they all do better. That’s what I’m excited to see here in New Bedford.”
Elizabeth Warren, United States Senator

“We think about regions and the importance of anchors. We think New Bedford can be an anchor of this region. What contributes to the vitality of those anchors — entrepreneurs.”
Jay Ash, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development for the Commonwealth

“More than anything else, we must lay the groundwork for economic growth, the kind of growth that reaches all of our citizens. More good jobs mean more residents purchasing homes, more New Bedford kids going to college, more money spent in local businesses and on local charities, and a more confident, vibrant community.”
Mayor Jon Mitchell, State of the City Address

“The NBEDC stepped up. They helped us in finding the building. They acted as our partner along the way. It’s been a good marriage.”
Mike Pelehach, President, Shuster Corporation

“Over the last year we have been able to expand our operations in the New Bedford Business Park and create new local jobs. This growth was made possible by the gap financing provided by the NBEDC Lending Program.”
Eric Dacosta, Operations Manager, NWD Trucking

“The City itself has changed. It’s very pedestrian friendly. It’s very tourist friendly. We want you to come down to see the character, walk around here and I think you’ll enjoy the fishing boats you’ll enjoy the food, and you’ll enjoy the character of the city.”
Al Santos, The Black Whale, Carmine’s & Hygrade Ocean Products

“The SBA is fortunate to have the NBEDC as part of the small business team here in the Commonwealth and we appreciate their efforts to get badly needed capital into the hands of small businesses with the SBA microloan program.”
Robert Nelson, SBA District Director, MA

“At SCORE, we can offer years of experience to those planning to start their first business or expand to the next level. Being able to work side-by-side with the NBEDC team members means we can put together a total package; from business plan, to lending, to finding the right New Bedford location.”
Mannie Lopes, Vice Chairman, SCORE SEMA

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