New Bedford Pedicab Launches Service this Spring

Featured in the April Issue of 247PRINT
Article by Liz Tomasetti, Correspondent

Any day now, somewhere in New Bedford, you will be stuck in traffic, and crossing your path will be a biker. Not just any biker, but one that is pedaling their way downtown with two happy non-car-driving passengers in tow.
“I am very into the idea of low-tech,” Kenneth said. New Bedford Pedicab, a locally focused, environmentally responsible business will be launched by Kenneth and Colleen Sutliffe this spring.
And low-tech is the idea indeed.
Referred to on occasion as “rickshaw bicycles”, these are three wheeled bicycles with a single seat for the driver and a double covered seat in the rear for the passengers. These pedal-fueled modes of transportation will provide three local tours: The Whaling Tour, The Architecture Tour, and The Literary Tour.
There is something to be said for slowing down and experiencing a town not through the backseat of a car, but in the open air. Not only will they be showing people New Bedford’s history, the pedicab service will include a basic taxi service in the downtown and waterfront areas including the ferry terminal, without the gas. You may have spotted one in Boston, New York or Newport as the business is a genius combination that thrives on tourist and local patronage alike.
Colleen and Kenneth are proud of New Bedford’s unique landscape and culture and feel New Bedford Pedicab is a eco-responsible way of sharing these views. Working and living in New Bedford with their sweet son, Pierce, they are inspired contributors to the independent business vision that is taking over downtown.
Keep your eyes peeled for the three people powered pedicabs that will be cruising around town come warm weather and sunshine. And instead of driving down to that bar for a drink, put your keys back down and call New Bedford Pedicab at 508.264.2487.
April 01, 2008

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