Permitting Assistance

New Bedford recognizes that a streamlined, transparent, and efficient permitting process is vital to attracting sustainable new investment and job growth.

Recognizing that the permitting process can be a lengthy process that may lead to unnecessary delays and increased expenses, the City of New Bedford has implemented the Permitting Task Force to facilitate an open, streamlined, and transparent permitting process that expedites all projects, both large and small, within the city.

The City’s guide to permitting provides information that will:

  • Guide applicants and the general public through the City’s application and approval process;
  • Outline the functions of the Permitting Task Force;
  • Introduce the permitting granting boards and city departments involved in the application review and approval process;
  • Offer suggested best practices;
  • Provide useful links to additional information.

Should you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the New Bedford Office of City Planning for assistance at 508.979.1488. To set up a Permitting Task Force meeting to review your project, please contact the Department of Inspectional Services at 508-979-1540.

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