Quest Center Company BOT USA integrates GPS for unmanned underwater Quest Center company BOT USA Integrates GPS for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Brooke Ocean Technology – USA announces it has received a $705 thousand order, from the U.S. Defense Department to continue the next phase of the integration of a GPS communications antenna with an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV).
The contract supports the further development and implementation of a UUV based underwater winch tethered to a hydrodynamically designed antenna that supports two-way radio frequency communication and GPS reception which would greatly enhance the identification and localization capabilities of all UUVs.
Roger Race, General Manager, said “one immediate benefit to UUV users will be the facilitation of real time commands to the vehicle, which would allow ‘on-the-fly’ mission changes.” Race added that accurate location of the vehicle while patrolling in smaller bodies of water and harbors will now be possible because of accurate GPS fixes.
“This is a good example of how BOT USA ocean expertise and experience can help other industries position themselves into new markets” said Race.
The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract, the third the company has received, will help BOT build on its previous study to develop, evaluate, and select innovative concepts for a Towed Antenna System (TAS) for implementation into unmanned underwater vehicle operations.
Brooke Ocean Technology – USA offers a variety of hardware lines to the marine science, naval and offshore sectors. The company specializes in the development of equipment and systems to operate in harsh marine environments, incorporating simple, yet innovative designs. BOT – USA is located in the Quest Center in New Bedford, Mass. (

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