True Value Hardware and Marine proposed for Popes Island

Posted Oct 21, 2019 at 5:39 PM. Updated Oct 21, 2019 at 6:24 PM
NEW BEDFORD — Popes Island could be getting another True Value Hardware.
Shoreline Resources LLC, managed by father and son Michael and Charles Quinn of Quinn Fisheries, has submitted a site plan to the city’s Planning Board to convert 143 Popes Island “from a dedicated fabrication facility to a True Value Hardware and Marine Store with areas for retail, item storage, and a machine shop.”
Fairhaven True Value Hardware was located at 23 Popes Island and closed in March of 2018 after 46 years at that location when owners Bob and Mike Chandler retired.
Michael Quinn said they decided to open a True Value because, “They have a very deep inventory and a great business model they actually…contacted me about taking over the presence here after the Fairhaven Hardware shut down.”
The fact that a True Value closed down in a location nearby doesn’t worry Quinn, he said, “If anything, that made it a stronger case to reopen a hardware store in an area that it thrived in for so long.”
The new proposed location is on a property that includes 137 – 143 Popes Island and has two existing buildings, associated parking, and a large open-air storage area in the rear.
A Standard Marine Outfitters store is in the 10,065 sq.ft. one-story building, but according to the Planning Board’s staff report, no improvements or alterations to it are proposed.
The 34,785 sq. ft. building located behind the Standard Marine Outfitters currently houses East Coast Fabrication Inc, a company also owned by the Quinns, and its layout will be modified.
Quinn said they will only be using about 15,000 square feet of the facility for the True Value and East Coast Fabrication will use the remaining portion
The staff report says the face of the East Coast Fabrication warehouse will be remodeled to include a True Value entrance architectural feature, an automatic double door entrance, and a handicap ramp.
Other site improvements that were listed included re-stripping and re-paving existing parking areas to meet city zoning regulations, which will create a total of 73 parking spaces.
Since the site borders the Acushnet River, Conservation Agent Sarah Porter commented in the staff report that a Notice of Intent needs to be filed with the Conservation Commission.
According to Porter, a Notice of Intent for the proposed hardware and marine store was filed by Scott Taber of Shoreline Resources, and the Conservation Commission has sent the project to their consulting engineer (Nitsch Engineering) for a review of the proposed stormwater design to ensure it meets the MA DEP Stormwater Management Standards.
The site plan says the improvements on the site will not be phased over more than one year.
The Quinns recently purchased the old Revere Copper and Brass site and said they plan to turn into a commercial shipyard and their long-term goal is to build new commercial vessels and barges.
“The plan is to eventually move the ship building over to the new property at Revere over time and utilize Popes Island as a more of a supply hub…for more commercial and recreational outfitting,” Quinn said.
The Quinns also recently purchased six of Carlos Rafael’s 11 scallop vessels, they already owned six of their own scallop boats.
As for why they’ve chosen New Bedford for their businesses, Quinn said, “I would say I grew up in New Bedford, this is our home. We’ve got tight-knit relationships within the city. It benefits all of our companies to strengthen New Bedford and strengthen the area around us.”
A representative from Shoreline Resources will be presenting the site plan for the TrueValue Hardware and Marine store to the Planning Board on Nov. 4, according to the city’s website.
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